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So Singapore was pretty neat. We went to Singapore’s Ministry of Sound Club. The music was great and the people were friendly. Ironically even with the great music I still spent a healthy proportion of time in the cheese room. Lewis and Rosey were not impressed.

I ate something really cool called Crouching Cheese Hidden Bacon. I found the bacon.

We also went on a pilgrimage. I bought a book called Yes Man by Danny Wallace at Heathrow. We’ve all since read it, and by gosh it’s a great book. Anyhoo, it lead us on a pilgrimage to the small island of Pulau Ubin just off Singapore.

Welcome to Pulau Ubin

There we rented bicycles and cruised around.


A woman asked if we wanted to see a wild boar. We said “Yes”. The boar looked angry. When we gave the bikes back the dude asked us (or at least from what we could make out) if we wanted to taste some fruit he had. Again we said “Yes”. It tasted like flavoured elastic. It was a great yes day.

All in all Singapore was cool, but then it was time to make like a tree and get the hell outa there.
Aeroplane from Singapore

From Bangkok to the Sing’

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#In every disco I am in…#

So that’s Thailand done. After an epic 24hr journey through Malaysia we arrived in Singapore. I would recommend anyone take a trip to Thailand, it’s a great place. All the Thai people we met were real friendly and glad to have us there. It was unfortunate that some just assumed that we, as Brits, just wanted to drink and try to score with girls. Of course this is rubbish – sometimes we played frisbee.

Singapore skyline

So we got off the bus in Singapore and went to a taxi guy intending to go to the hotel. “Where you want to go?” he said. We looked at the print off of the reservation. “Uh, Geylang.”

He told us where we needed to go and went back to his taxi buddies. There was an exchange of words, I caught “Geylang”, and then they all started laughing. I thought this to be a little odd.

We find the hotel and it seems nice. Having got used to sharing rooms with mice and cockroaches (I called it Calvin after we caught him) to be in a hotel was a bit swish. We got some rest before deciding to take an early evening stroll. Walking out of the hotel we were greeted with quite a sight. A large number of scantily clad women who I’m sure are not here for the good public transport and agreeable climate. Yes, taxi driver funny man new we were smack bang in the middle of a red light district. Oh well, when in Rome…