SuperBowl Monday

posted on February 18, 2007 in Australia,Travel

It’s been a jam packed couple of weeks as we’ve strived to squeeze every last drop out of Australia for Matt’s Antipodean Adventure. Ok, so we’ve not hugged a koala, visited Ayres rock, thrown a boomerang or met Rolf Harris but the things we’ve done… – oh the things we’ve done.

SuperBowl Eight Hundred – Indianapolis Colts versus the Chicago Bears. We found an Indianapolis T-shirt in our room so the allegiance was set. We went to Cheers bar in town (I think every American in Australia was in there), bought a round of Buds, I got a run down on the rules (it’s not like rugby) and we watched the game. The Yanks were going crazy punctuating every sentence with a Hi-5, then punctuating that Hi-5 with another.

It was a great morning. Rosey met some American girls who, as Bears fans, ribbed him no end about his Indianapolis T-shirt.
American SuperBowl girls

With the game finished (someone won) we hit town for some drunk shopping. The last time this happened I awoke with a fetching pair of womens sunglasses from H&M, this time I was lucky to escape with just a stuffed koala and kangeroo.

Eager not to let alcohol levels drop to dangerously sober levels we frequented Scubar that evening. Here we – HOLD THE PHONE! Tell your Dad…!
Tell your Dad
Us and some other people.
Everyone plus others

Woo! American sports rule! Hi-5! Hi-5!