Mission Impossible Beach

posted on December 9, 2006 in Australia,Travel

Also, during our celebrity packed evening two girls briefly came over whilst the four of us stood near the bar. They made the mistake of talking, or at least trying to talk to Rosey and myself. The incoherent mumbling we managed between us clearly cut no mustard, as the girls looked a little confused and dejected and moved away. Nevermind.

The following day the four of us are frollicking in the sea when, lo and behold, the two girls come over again. This time Andy and Lewis are on hand, both of whom are capable of constructing full sentences and introducing punctuation where appropriate. This time it goes a lot better. One girl is Scottish and the other is from Colorado or somewhere. Kerry and Sarah. They happen to be staying at the same campsite. It is casually mentioned that we may be frequenting some bars in the coming evening.

Later in the day, back at the campsite, they come and find us saying they need to offload some stuff as the American girl is going home the next day. We go to their car and they open the boot. Out comes a tent, utensils and, most importantly, food. They go up in my estimation ten fold. We offer them some money but they refuse. I offer my services but they won’t accept that either. They do agree to us making them dinner later.

That evening the 6 of us cram round the table and enjoy pasta in sauce. Girls don’t eat much, so I end up eating most of their food. I’m fairly sure shovelling down buckets of spaghetti will impress them. Afterwards we go out for drinks and it’s all very nice. The swaggle of ‘celebrities’ are out again and there is a soul singer playing in the bar. Nobody was listening to the singer or clapping when she asked people to and I think she was getting a bit annoyed. Shellings.

This is Kerry, Sarah and us.
Later we all go to the beach. On the way I mention to Lewis that I think my banter is really coming along. He scoffs and shoots me a sideways glance, “Mate, you need to stop asking all these random questions.”
“Oh” I said. I thought every girl looked forward to the day someone asked them what super power they would want and why.

At the beach Lewis and myself politely excuse ourselves from the group as it was time for the weekly Royal Rumble. The photo shows me taking the upper hand from my vantage point pinned against the sand.
So, yes, good times. Oh, and Kerry would make a good wife.

Rosey and girls

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