Bye, eh?

posted on April 4, 2007 in New Zealand,Travel

So the three stooges have another country under the belt, eh? Time to say goodbye to New Zealand, eh? It’s been good, eh? Sweet as, eh?

Done a fair old bit. Ice climbing at the Franz Josef glacier – a Rosebot Adventure (Tm).

Ice climbing at Franz Josef

Belayer and someone ice climbing


Arthurs Pass

Rosey doing his best to win $5,000 on the golf challenge in Taupo. FORE!!
Rosey golfing



Take one large inflatable ball. Insert 3 lightly seasoned Englishmen. Add several gallons of water. Mix thoroughly.

A Zorb

Yes, Zorbing. It’s the closest experience you can get to being inside a washing machine that’s rolling down a large hill.

Zorbing at Rotorua


In an ideal world every girl you’ve had dealings with should, after things have come to a close, be shipped off to an island. Here they would effectively be out of circulation, their only companions the other girls you’ve callously disregarded. It’s the only rational system.

However, in some cruel twist of fate I’ve ended up on this very island. I briefly thought that maybe I should be questioning why a girl would want to travel so far after meeting me, but remembering that I can quote every Simpsons episode verbatim and have an impressive Airfix collection, I quickly allayed these fears. When meeting an ex girlfriend a small part of you kind of wishes them to have become grossly overweight and/or a member of some kind of cult. Of course neither of these were remotely true.

Blast from the past

The following day I decided to throw myself off the highest building I could find. Had I known that Auckland’s highest building – the Sky Tower – was taller than the Eiffel Tower I might have thought twice, but to hell with it.


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A Puzzling Day

posted on March 17, 2007 in New Zealand,Travel

I often start the day feeling puzzled. I call those days weekdays. The other day however, I was not the only one – we were all feeling puzzled. The fact we had only slept three hours and were still semi toasted probably didn’t help. But that’s how we found ourselves – at Puzzling World in Wanaka.

Look at this photo. Most puzzling.

How puzzling

Those steps, that angle. What’s going on?


Lewis in an apparent state of bemusement puzzling over some kind of device that enables light to shine straight through solid walls.

Fenced in some kind of maze. Intriguing.


Hmm, very perplexing.


That’s the end. I think. I’m not too sure. It’s a bit of a puzzle.



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Did someone say bungy?

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In fact the fun didn’t even stop there. We’ve tried mini golf, football golf and last week I saw a red Golf. Well in Queenstown we played frisbee golf. Here’s Rosey putting for 1 under par.

Frisbee golf

We also met a delightful Italian girl called Anna. We rolled in one evening and having munched all of our own food turned our attention to the pancake derivative (pronounced shmiel apparently) she was cooking herself. The subtle hints worked and Lewis and myself ate the poor girls food. However rather than scaring her off – perhaps she was impressed with our propensity to eat anything in sight (she is Italian after all) – we took her for a drink.
Us and Anna

The numbers don’t quite add up what with there being one of her and three of us, but we operated a rotation system with each of us enjoying her company for approximately 12 and a half minutes. I guess that counts as sloppy giesuppes?

Finally, what’s the deal with the weather? It’s cold!

Eight degrees

Refund please.


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