Bupa Balloon’s Maiden Voyage

posted on February 28, 2008 in Nerd

The Sun shone down on a bright crisp Sunday. The sky was lightly padded with high altostratus and the trees were perfectly still. There was no wind. Today she was going to fly.

After several abortive attempts we were finally going to let her loose. We decided against a cotton tether as in the practice it tended to unbalance it and send the fuel spilling everywhere. We would just send her up and see what happened.

We found somewhere fairly secluded, got everything set up, lit the burner, I pointed the camera and told Mark to let her go. With no wind it rose up gently, quickly gaining height as it floated gracefully up over the trees. It was a beautiful moment.

Sadly though I am a smacktard, and even though the camera was pointing at the balloon the entire time, I forgot to press Record. Luckily due to some clever editing in the studio I don’t think it’s even noticeable.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed some, nay, most of your blog entries. However this one raised the bar, actually prompting me to sign up. Nearly fell off my chair. The editting is seamless, if you hadn’t introduced it as such I’m not sure anyone would even have noticed. Wonder where she ended up, under a train I suspect :(

    Comment by Marklarrr — February 29, 2008 @ 5:35 pm

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