Parrs Wood Retrospectus

posted on May 22, 2008 in Stuff

Nostalgia. A toilet bowl of hope and regret. Well here’s a video that will plunge your head in and keep tugging on the chain. Some bloke has gone back through time and created a video walkthrough of our old school before it was razed to the ground.

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That’s where we made the bunsen burners into a flame thrower, that’s North Hall where we used to get them 15p Garlic breads, that’s that music room where Elspeth fell off a chair got concussion. Oh, how you’ll coo.

It was a golden age living under the reign of the Mighty Sir Lord Iain Hall The Great. And what of those with whom you shared the experience? Of those in 7 Royal (stays loyal…) half the girls have dropped a sprog, and one guy is away for murder. I guess that’s a pretty nice cross section.

Lord Iain Hall

One thing jumped out at me was the monitors still suspended in the Main Entrance. You see for me those monitors signify the the beginning of the slippery slope down into I.T. For while most people where outside at lunchtime; enjoying the sun, getting hit in the face with a football and trading dinner tickets, we managed to avoid this by joining the Teletext Team. We’d GOTO 10, programming news of the ’96 interform netball results and the imminent ban on Tamagotchis.

Parrs Wood South Entrance

Popular? Yeah, we were cooler than socks and sandals.