Hark, it’s Mark, in an ode when it snowed

posted on April 20, 2010 in Stuff

Mark is sliding, always sliding, ever sliding down the hill
Whatever the cause, whatever the reason
There is no cure, there is no pill

The others in the group, our little troop
Carefully treading, weight spreading
As we make our way down the hill

But oh look, it’s Mark
Another tumble, another spill
As he slides on his arse
Down Snowdon hill

The snow is real deep and the incline quite steep
Conditions to think, gosh this mountain could kill
But watch out, beep beep!
It’s Mark off his feet
Sliding on elbows down a ruddy great hill

It shouldn’t be funny,
No laughter, not a thrill
But Rosey is laughing and chuckling
As Mark slip, slides and crumbles down the mountain
Down the hill

Perhaps not tumbling, maybe not bumbling
But always mumbling, possibly grumbling
Down the mountain, down the hill
Always slipping, always sliding
A bit like Jack, and his missus, that girl; Jill.

Mark sliding down Snowdon

Visite Andorra: après ski sans filles

posted on March 27, 2010 in Stuff

Ever wanted to watch semi naked men drink a beer through each others socks and then wiggle their junk at another group of men? Welcome to Mandorra. Yes indeed, with more sausage than the cold meat aisle, Mandorra is the perfect getaway for all your manly gentlemen bonding activities. I totted up the ratio in the London Underground bar. It was 25 to 1. Twenty-five guys and one girl. That pretty much set the precedent.

Thankfully though Spain crashed into France a couple of years ago making a couple of big hills. Snow fell on these hills, so now we can put some planks on our feet, put on a hat and start sliding about a bit. Bonus!

There’s no business like snow business

posted on January 18, 2010 in Stuff

“You didn’t cycle in today did you?!”

“Err, yeah.” The fact I was an hour late should’ve been a dead give away.

Kilburn building on Oxford Road

Manchester in the snow

Bicycle after the snow

Big snow based nostrilface:

Nostrilface in the snow

Super gentle sledging video:

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Ok, I’m ready for Summer now please.

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